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World Refugee Day Video

One Trunk Theatre is thrilled to be partnering with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) on this very important new work. Refuge, a new play created in community with young Canadians, refugees, relief workers, and professional artists, investigates the multi-faceted idea of “home”, and brings to life true stories from refugees who have settled in Canada. Lead artists Andraea Sartison and Caroline Wintoniw will embark on a year long research phase including community workshops, interviews and research abroad in order to collect stories, create content and establish an artistic team. Following this, and working collaboratively with a diverse ensemble including youth, refugee and professional artists, a script will be created with accompanying photographic/video score. The play will debut in Winnipeg, including a short tour, and the final script and visual score will be available online through CLWR for any group to perform in part or in full around the country. By disseminating the script in this way (free of charge for any group who is using it for advocacy or charitable purposes), Refuge, will be a theatrical platform to promote the work of relief organizations around the country (including CLWR), support fundraising efforts for local and international relief work and settlement of refugees, and to unite refugees and non-refugee communities across the country. We are looking for individuals or groups who would like to host a workshop in their community, or would like to share their story of “home”. We welcome partnerships with anyone of any age or history- all are welcome. If you would like to get involved pleased contact Andraea Sartison at

You have the power to help the millions of refugees around the world who need it most. Donate $5 or more right now and do your part to change the world.

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million people around the world are displaced by crisis. half are kids.