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Jamal Mahyob, 27, lives with his wife Badria, 26, and their two children Sami*, 4, and Ameen*, 1 in a small tent in a camp in Al-Quba village.

"Nobody can feel what it means to be a displaced person but those who have lived away and were forced to leave their houses in search of safety. I lost my job because my employer couldn’t afford to pay salaries and, eventually, he shut down his store," he said.

Badria said: "We are facing many obstacles and problems due to the conflict. On rainy days, we are forced to stay inside the tent all day because rainwater gathers around the tent and we feel so cold."

Badria is worried for her children’s health during the cold nights and sometimes sleeps without blankets to keep her children warm.

"Sometimes my husband doesn't find work and returns home empty handed. When our neighbour in the tent next to us hears our discussion, he gives me some bread to give to my children," she said.

Jamal and Badria say they only wish the conflict will end so they can return home, find a job and provide food for their children. 

*child's name has been changed to protect identity.

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million people around the world are displaced by crisis. half are kids.