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Today, across the world, one person in three lives in poverty. As an international development organization, Oxfam is determined to change this by harnessing the power of people against poverty. Oxfam works with local partners and communities to find concrete and innovative solutions so that every woman and man can lift themselves out of poverty and fulfill their true potential. When a crisis strikes, we save lives and help those affected regain their livelihoods. We also campaign so that poor people can make their voices heard and influence the local and international decisions that affect them. In Quebec, Oxfam engages the public, young people in particular, so that they can join in the fight against poverty and inequalities across the world.

 A global displacement crisis

Nearly 60 million people around the world are now officially living “displaced” from their homes and lands – the highest figure recorded by the United Nations since the Second World War. Although, more than half a million people have arrived so far this year in Europe, the vast majority of displaced people remain much closer to their countries of origin. Lebanon, with a population of 4.5m, is struggling to host 1.2m Syrian refugees. This means that about one out of every four people living in Lebanon is a refugee from Syria.

We work in nine out of the 10 top source countries for refugees globally (Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Myanmar, Iraq, Colombia and Central African Rep.). We deliver assistance for those affected by conflict, work to reduce inequality and poverty, and support civil society and citizens to claim their rights and be heard.

Photo credit: Jean-Baptiste Lacombe/Oxfam-Québec