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Ending Global Poverty Begins with Women's Rights

There are over 130,000 refugees from Burundi in Tanzania. Tens of thousands of people are in urgent need of clean water, adequate sanitation, health care, food and shelter.

Women are affected more acutely as they try to nurture their families in such challenging conditions.  Women like Gloriose, who arrived at the Nduta refugee camp heavily pregnant, and would walk for an hour to fetch water.  Oxfam has now provided the camp with water and sanitation facilities, emergency food security, and most recently, livelihoods programs.

“There are more sicknesses here because of the large population living together. Right now I have access to clean water and that’s why I am healthy. If I did not have this it would have been very easy to get infections.”

Oxfam is a recognized leader in disaster response, and renowned for our ability to quickly and efficiently provide clean water and sanitation facilities. We ensure access to food, basic necessities, shelter, and education about health and hygiene, and we place special emphasis on ensuring women’s unique needs are taken into account.

Oxfam’s focus is to ensure that poor communities are less at risk and better able to cope should disaster strike, and we tirelessly work to encourage global and local policy makers to bring about the changes needed to improve the lives of those affected.

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