Working together for refugee crisis brings unprecedented results

July 4, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Canada’s unprecedented World Refugee Day campaign, from June 6 to June 20, brought together for the first time humanitarian aid organizations, the private sector, governments and associations to raise awareness and funds for the 65 million people worldwide forcibly displaced from their homes.

By working together, Canada’s leading humanitarian organizations, leveraging their diverse perspectives and goals, were able to raise the profile of the global refugee crisis like never before.  Rather than working alone, they collaborated to engage Canadians on a shared priority: helping the millions of people displaced around the world.

The multiplication and growing complexity of conflicts and protracted emergencies worldwide, not only large ones like Syria and Afghanistan, but also lesser known crises in places like South Sudan, Yemen or the Central African Republic, require new solutions to help the most vulnerable. Awareness, education, engagement and funds are all required as humanitarian agencies who are on the front lines of the global refugee crisis struggle to meet even the most basic of needs for civilians, women, children and families displaced by insecurity.

The World Refugee Day campaign provided opportunities to engage Canadians on these topics, through school outreach, corporate engagement, social media, government involvement and participation from humanitarian aid agencies across the country.


The campaign by the numbers

13: international humanitarian aid organizations working together

15: corporate supporters who providing in-kind support and outreach assistance

3: association campaign supporters providing access to their networks.

45: YouTube videos donated to the “YouTube-a-thon” segment of the campaign

1: video from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supporting the World Refugee Day campaign

195,000: money raised during the campaign (amount not final)

2: MPs speaking about World Refugee Day in Parliament

33: parliamentarians supporting the campaign

The World Refugee Day campaign brought together humanitarian aid groups in a united call for action: help displaced children dream again. Participating organizations in this campaign included the Humanitarian Coalition member agencies CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan International Canada, and Save the Children Canada, as well as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Islamic Relief Canada, World Vision Canada, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, L’OEUVRE Leger, Médécins du Monde, Handicap International and World University Service of Canada. Find out more at


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million people around the world are displaced by crisis. half are kids.